Research Associates

Susana G. Sotocinal, M.Sc.

Director of Phenomics | Research Associate | 2002-present

Jean-Sebastien Austin, B.Sc.

Director of Transcriptomics | Research Associate | 2002-present

Graduate Students

Eleri McEachern, B.Sc.

Circadian Rhythms of Chronic Pain Development | Graduate Student | 2022-present

Alicia Zumbusch, B.A., M.Sc.

Reward Systems in Chronic Pain | Graduate Student | 2019-present

Laila Chaudhry, B.S.

Microneurography of Pain and the ANS | Graduate Student | 2018-present

Kevin Lister, B.A.

Evolutionary Studies of Pain, Translational Regulation of Pain | Graduate Student | 2018-present

Shannon Tansley, Ph.D.

Role of the Extracellular Matrix in Chronic Pain | Graduate Student | 2015-2022

Sarah Rosen, Ph.D.

Sex Differences in Immune System Involvement in Pain | Graduate Student | 2013-2018

Jeffrey Wieskopf, M.D.

Role of Nicotinic Receptors in Pain | Graduate Student | 2010-2016

Alexander H. Tuttle, Ph.D.

Social Propinquity and Pain, Placebo Response | Graduate Student | 2010-2016

Ara Schorscher-Petcu, Ph.D.

Neuropeptides and Pain | Graduate Student | 2005-2010

Melissa A. Farmer, Ph.D.

Sex and Pain | Graduate Student | 2005-2011

Dale J. Langford, Ph.D.

Social Modulation of Pain, Mouse Grimace Scale | Graduate Student | 2005-2009

Mona Lisa Chanda, Ph.D.

Mouse Model of Migraine Pain | Graduate Student | 2003-2009

Shad B. Smith, Ph.D.

Positional Cloning of Pain Genes | Graduate Student | 2001-2006

Elissa J. Chesler, Ph.D.

Genetic Studies of Pain and Analgesia | Graduate Student | 1998-2003

Sonya G. Lehto (previously Wilson), Ph.D.

Heritability of Pain and Analgesia | Graduate Student | 1997-2003

Postdoctoral Fellows

Aleksandrina Skvortsova, Ph.D.

Translational Studies of Conditioned Pain Hypersensitivity | Postdoctoral Fellow | 2021-present

Lucas V. Lima, Ph.D.

Pain and Social Behaviour in Mice | Postdoctoral Fellow | 2018-present

Visiting Scholars

Wataru Nemoto, Ph.D.

Neurochemistry of Anti-DNIC, SPOCK2 | Visiting Scholar | 2021-2022

Wan You, Ph.D.

Genetic Mediation of Electroacupuncture Analgesia | Visiting Scholar | 1998-1999